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In order to ensure the optimum completion and provision of services, NSA Translations has established and applies a specific methodology, which summarizes the company’s overall philosophy about the way in which each translation project should be handled.
  1. Place your order online on our website or contact us for a customized order. As soon as we receive the material to be translated, we will ask you, if necessary, to clarify all details and requirements of your project (volume, deadline, target group, final format of the delivered files, reference material, etc.) and on the same day we will send you our quote together with the suggested delivery date and the final cost.
  2. As soon as you accept our quote, depending on the object and the language combination, your project will be either translated in-house or it will be assigned to an experienced freelancer-associate translator, who is familiar with the object. Large projects are assigned to multiple translators in order for us to be able to meet the delivery deadlines, always under the supervision of the project manager, who ensures consistency, uniformity and accuracy of the style, the language and the special terminology of the text.

    We translate your text:

    Translator selection
    The selection of the right translator is the best guarantee of excellent results and competitive prices. We focus on achieving both quality and quantity. That’s why we invest heavily in the continuous search for qualified translators. A selection manager carefully reviews each one of translators’ CVs we receive to discover new talents. Today, our online database contains about 1.000 translators who are easily accessible. All of our translators have undergone rigid quality controls and a complex evaluation method, which allows us to find less expensive, more qualified and immediately available for every type of work professionals.

    Order planning
    For each order, the project manager uses a range of evaluation parameters to select the most appropriate translator and establish a precise, guaranteed date for the delivery of the translation. The project manager also drafts the order specifications and supervises its progress, in order to improve the translators’ productivity and decrease the possibility of error.

    Delivery to the translator
    Translators are automatically notified of a new order with an e-mail by our portal. The available translators will respond to the job instantly and the appropriate translator will be selected and be working on the job within one hour. Since we work mainly via the Internet, we are usually able to process new orders 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

    Delivery of translated documents
    All translators upload their work on our portal, which is managed entirely in-house to guarantee confidentiality and security against viruses of uploaded documents.

    Quality control
    As soon as it is received, every order is checked for spelling and basic grammar and entirely reviewed by another translator. The reviewer assesses the work carried out and assigns a quality grade on a 100 point scale to the translator's work. This grade is registered to the assigned translator’s profile in our portal database and it is used to define the abilities of each translator and identify their fields of specialisation for the next assignment. For the uniformity of style and terminology we use translation memories, glossaries and shared dictionaries.

  3. We deliver your translation in the desired format, after having incorporated any additional remarks.

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