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CAT tools and portal

We use state-of-the-art technology in order for us to be able to handle any heavy workload, to meet tight deadlines, to offer competitive prices and to provide quality results.

Word count: We charge fewer words. Τhanks to TRADOS, we discount both for repetitions and for similar words (50%-99% match) and also entire phrases already translated, which the translator has only to correct and not translate from scratch.

Translator selection: More than 2.000 native-speaking professionals working in their own country. Having analyzed more than 10.000 translations to date since 2004, our portal database identifies the best-qualified translator immediately available for each project. Translation: We have TRADOS, which draws terminology from its database and speeds up translation process.

Workflow management: Our portal automates all translation processes: sending e-mails to all translators, issuing job notifications, late delivery alerts, re-assignment of unsatisfactory quality translations, etc. allowing the project management team to focus on any aspect that requires their full attention.

CAT is an acronym of the words Computer-Aided Translation. The main advantage of such programs is that the use of terminology is consistent throughout the document, which makes it ideal for large projects that have been assigned to more than one translator. Another advantage is that, if the new texts contain terminology that already exists in the translation memory, the program will find it and, by the user’s command, will translate the same segments automatically. This facilitates and speeds up the whole translation process. This works for the benefit of the client, who will receive on-time a quality translation with uniform terminology.

TRADOS is the most popular translation memory program.

Benefits for the client

  • High quality translations with uniform terminology
  • Delivery in shorter times
  • Reduced cost
we offer process automation
& new work models