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Undisputed leader in energy management, long term technical management and facility management.

Request: Translation of legal documentation, tenders and partnership agreements.
We provide: Absolute confidentiality, large volumes, perfect legal quality, competitive rates.


Spanish music label and recording studio

Request: Translation and localization of texts and children songs.
We provide: Localization of fairytales and children songs into Greek children’s language, perfect localization quality, competitive rates.


A group of companies with an enviable presence in the Greek pharmaceutical industry.

Request: Translation of instruction leaflets for medicines and translation of representation contracts into various language combinations: French, Arabic-Greek, Romanian-French, Greek-English.
Solution: Excellent quality with fast turnaround.


A pioneer company in the sector of steel constructions.

Request: Translation of the company’s products and brochures.
Solution: Turnkey solution for brochure translations and marketing.


A leading internet and mobile entertainment provider providing entertainment and infotainment products for both mobile devices and computers.

Request: Translation and localization of all types of mobile contents enabling mobile network operators, portals, retailers and licensed brands to provide an entertaining and high quality mobile entertainment to their customers.
Solution: Guaranteed competitive rates, translation and localization of high quality mobile content.


The governing body of the European Union.

Request: Documents of almost all Directorates of the EC, legal, technical, financial, scientific and economic issues, correspondence, press releases, speeches and statements.
Solution: As per our contract with the Translation Department of the EC, we perform the post-editing of all the documents needed by the EC.

And many others...
from multinational
to small-medium companies & private individuals