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» What can you translate?

» Can you translate my website?

» How can I send you a document?

» Can I get a quote for a printed document?

» How can I send a file that is larger than 2,5 MB?

» How will you deliver the completed translation?

» What are the delivery dates?

» What is the difference between an express and a standard delivery?

» Is there a minimum translation volume?

» What should I do if I want to order a large volume translation?

» Does the charge depend on the delivery format of the translated text?


» What methods of payment do you accept?

» When do I need to pay?

» How do you calculate the cost of a translation?


» What do you mean by a quality translation?

» What guarantees do I have regarding quality?

» How do you ensure that you offer quality translations?

» What guarantees do I have regarding deadlines?

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