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We will send you a quote via e-mail in less than two hours.

How to Order

If you already know the word count of your document, you can order online by using our Inquiry Form. Otherwise, you have the following options:

  • Send us the document via e-mail to specifying your billing and contact details, the source language, the target language/s and the delivery date
  • We will send you a quote via e-mail in less than two hours

How and When to Pay

Invoices must be paid within 30 days of receiving the invoice, unless otherwise agreed. Within 7 days, after evaluation of the translation and if you are not satisfied, you can tell us so using the procedure in our general sales conditions.

We normally request an advance payment of 25% for new customers with orders over 250,00 Euros.

We accept the following methods of payment:
  • Wire transfer
  • Cheque
  • PayPal